Dimitri Tsakalakis

A Calgary native, Dimitri encompasses great background knowledge of the communitites and neighbourhoods of the city. Dimitri has a knack for treating everyone he meets with genuine professionalism and lighthearted pleasure. Driven by unwavering passion for his work, he strives through traditional tactics, as well as technical innovation, honesty, and ethical values required to achieve his client' visions. Dimitri's greatest strength is intimately understanding the nee and meeting the expectations of each on of his clients.

Peter Rallios

Peter Rallios was born and raised in Calgary, and passionately pursues a life and career in the city that he loves. As a proud Calgarian, he appreciates the way that the city performs a constant interplay between reconciling its roots with its future ambitions. The city makes moves towards becoming a dynamic cosmopolitan city, while staying true to its prairie-defined origins of self-determination and self-reliance. Peter believes that real estate is one of the ways in which the city expresses this interesting juxtaposition, and is why he chooses to place himself amidst the action.Peter loves to travel and learn about the way that people live all over the globe. 

He is interested in place setting, and looking at what makes an area desirable to the people who live there based on geographical placement and points of interest. His interests in geography and city composition extend to his home base. As a Calgarian, he is passionate about the city as a whole, as he himself has resided in several different Calgary neighbourhoods and a variety of dwellings. Because of this he knows that his interest and experience in the past, present, and future of Calgary can be used to provide you with the insight needed to purchase your own home. He is readily available to meet with you and share some of his passion and experience candidly; all of the good, the bad, and the unfiltered.

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Dimitri Tsakalakis

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